Why Participate in Child Golf Tournaments?

Tournament golf is available for children as young as four years old, usually in a six and under flight.  US Kids Golf is one example organization with junior tournaments in many parts of the country for kids from four to fourteen.  Tournament golf is a great choice at about four years old.  One of the nice things about tournaments is that it offers something for all personalities.  Some kids are very competitive and confident, some are more shy and less competitive.  Watching the different personalities is quite a treat for the parents.  If approached from the right perspective, tournament golf can feed the competitor as well as build confidence and teach persistence.  Most experienced folks we spoke with all said competition is low on the list of reasons to enter tournament golf at this age.

The top reasons we found to enjoy tournament golf are: 1. learning how the game is played, 2. learning the rules, 3. learning persistence, 4. learning sportsmanship, 5. learning etiquette, 6. having fun.  All of these experiences are valuable regardless of results.  We found, like with other sports at this age, the parents are much more concerned about results. For the child golfer, it’s the journey, not the destination.  In fact this is true for most amateur golfers.  Another benefit of tournament play is that, well, they are playing.  Otherwise it’s up to you to independently make the time and get to them to the course. The more they play, the better they get.  Tournaments are a great reason to get out and play.  I look forward to walking as a my son’s caddy in every tournament I can.

We met some really nice people at tournaments. Most folks involved in golf tournaments at any age are a pleasure to know, and there is a variety.  Meeting new friends for you and your child is a nice side benefit of this wonderful sport.
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