Keep the Perspective about the Rules for Child Golf

An important note to here about the rules and scoring … try hard not to get caught up in the rules, or the score for that matter. In other words, don’t take it too seriously. Some people have a hard time with this; I admit I did at first until I learned. Do not make the rules or the score the focus of the game. The rules are there to be sure scores all have the same meaning. Remember to keep the focus on the fun and the play. Lead by example. The outcome of any given tournament at this age really doesn’t matter. The effort … that’s what matters. Teaching the child golfer to focus on their own play according to the rules will set them up for a long and happy golfing career, with good friends. There are few prouder moments than when your eight year old calls a penalty on himself! You will gush with pride and admiration of the integrity and honor demonstrated by that little person.

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