Snacks for Your Child Golfer During the Round

We learned after a couple of years of competitive kids golf that sugar and simple carbohydrates are not a good idea for the child golfer.

Like clockwork, around hole 4 or 5, a second kid would show up with me and he wasn’t nice. Then like magic around hole 7 the nice kid would come back. We sought the help of a sports psychologist. When I described this behavior, the first thing he asked is, “what is he drinking?” We, like most others on the course were using Gatorade, thinking we’re doing a good thing for hydration.

Hydration is critical, however the sugar content in regular Gatorade is higher than recommended for small athletes. We found sports supplement drink powder at our health food store and mixed a packet with half a packed of Crystal Light in a bottle of water. Our routine became water on holes 1 through 3. On hole 4, we start drinking the “mix”. Then water when finished.

What is difference! Immediately noticeable improvement. We started having a much better time together in the middle holes and his score improved by a few strokes easily. So, avoid sugar and simple carbs and stick with water, or sports mix, nuts, and cheese. Veggies if they eat them and later in the round, maybe hole 8 or 9, Gatorade or juice.

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