One Putt!

I want to take a moment to say goodbye to one of my child golfer’s best inspirations … his cousin Stan, who was also his God Father. Stan passed away on May 17, 2012. Good bye Stan, thanks for sharing your time and love with our son. He loves you deeply and will miss you intensely. Us too.

Stan was Dylan’s best friend, for sure. I know he was his confidant, even regarding his parents. It was great for our boy to have such a wonderful relationship in his life and I pray he will find another like it, and even provide one like it for another. They were very close.

Stan made it a point to be at many, many of our tournaments and was always there with can do and support.  Even when we had to leave the house at 5am to travel, he was there.

Dylan hasn’t played yet since and we skipped his lesson. He expressed hesitation due to the sadness he will feel knowing Stan can’t watch him.

This is a challenge for me as a Daddy Caddy. The hardest one I’ve had. We have a tournament on Sunday, the tour championship. Dylan has asked not to play, he’s afraid of the sadness.

Honestly I’m just following my “heartopilot” here and will let him decide.  I hope the loss of his buddy, this inspiration, won’t have a negative lasting effect. I don’t believe it will. But, I will give him his space now and support what he is feeling.

When we learned to despise 3 putts, we would say, “No three putts!.”  Stan would hold up one finger and say, “One putt!”  He inspired Dylan to stick it close and one putt if he can.  Once Dylan chipped in with Stan there and he ran to Stan saying, “How about a ZERO putt??!!”

We’ll give Dylan time to grieve and find his own way back to the course. I’ll do my best as Daddy, and Daddy Caddy to capture and reform the lost inspiration. I hope Dylan has many chances to hold up that index finger for Stan in heaven and shout, “One Putt!”

Take care of yourself and here’s to many one putts in the future.

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