Signing Up for a Kids Junior Golf Tournament

Most tours use a web site for providing tournament information, dates, registration, tee times and results.  Once you find a tour for your child, you’ll need to register ahead of time as a user and as a player to be able to register for tournaments.  A registration fee is typical in addition to a fee for each tournament.  US Kids Golf currently charges $50 to register for a tour (6 or 7 tournaments) and $35 per tournament. After you register as a member of the tour and sign up and pay for a tournament, you wait for an email or web site posting of acceptance and your tee time and pairing.  The tee times are usually posted two days to a week prior to the tournament. Beware that registration for a tournament will often close as early as a week prior to the event. You won’t be able to register after that.  Some tours allow late registration for an extra late fee.

As an additional note, one of the summer tours in Broward County, South Florida, the Junior Golf Associatoin ( requires every tour member (the player) to pass a rules test. On the JGA site, once you register for membership in the tour, your status will be pending approval of your score on the rules test.

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