Finding a Junior Golf Tournament for Kids

Junior golf is on the rise in many parts of the country. I’ve observed an increase in the number of participants at events over the years. The increase in popularity means that more and more pros and courses are offering junior events and lessons.

You’ll likely find an event near you by calling some of your local golf courses. An easier way to find kids golf events may be simply using Google to search for “junior golf tournament <city>” where city is your town or a city near you. In place of tournament you can also try tour and association.

US Kids Golf is a large organization that sells junior golf equipment and apparel and also offers a huge network of junior golf tournaments. They have local tours with a series of tournaments, regional tournaments, national championships, and international events too. Their tournaments website is here US Kids Golf. We have played in over a hundred US Kid Tournaments and our local tour director runs a very nice tour. Below are a few other links that can help you find a tournament. Clicking around some of these will lead you to other tour sites too. Just look for the events that have a flight for your childs age, or performance level. Let me know others you find in your area and I’ll post them to help our newcomers.

AGJA Tournaments Reference

Junior Golf Scoreboard

The First Tee

US Kids Golf

PGA Junior League is a new match play format league for junior golf formed by the PGA, much like little league  baseball. There may teams forming in your area. Check the site to track details.

Another good way to find golf activities for your child golfer is to ask other parents at events you attend. Be sure to ask the kids who play well as they are likely playing at a good number of events.

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