Golf Clubs and Equipment for Children Under 4

First, don’t give a child three and under metal clubs. Go ahead and get the plastic setup. Find ways to make it fun. Fun is the critical component from now on, never neglect the fun. Two reasons you don’t want metal clubs are:

  1. Metal clubs are heavy and won’t promote swing control and can fatigue your two year old child golfer.
  2. Metal clubs are dangerous. Someone will get hurt or something will be broken.

The plastic setup at this point makes it very easy to let your new child golfer have fun. The plastic set lets you “practice” in the house anytime so it’s a great way to seed the golf flower in your child.

To add to the fun, get her a little golf glove, a hat, use a magic marker and write “Titleist” on their plastic ball just like dad’s golf ball, and so forth.

At about three and half, we found a toy metal set of clubs. They may have been 18 or 24 inches long. The set had a putter, an iron, a wood, and a little shoulder bag. The set was intended for real balls and were really a nice miniature model of real clubs. Our child golfer used this set until he was about four and half. He was taller than average so we were able to buy a “real” set of junior clubs, the orange set from US Kids Golf, at that point. Our child golfer was always more comfortable upright and has always played longer clubs. The best thing you can do is just be sure they are natural in there setup stance and comfortable. Too upright and too bent over is not good, and where they fall in between will be personal preference. You can see this variation even in the pros if you look for it.

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