Golf Scoring — Match Play

Match play scoring is different than stroke play.  In match play, the player who holes out with fewest strokes wins the hole.  It doesn’t really matter how many strokes, as long as it was fewer than their opponent, they won the hole.  By way of example, Continue reading

Golf Score — Stroke Play

Let’s go over how to score. There are a lot of rules in golf, so how to score could be a very large topic. I’ll break scoring down as simply as possible. You will have a nice introduction on how to score here so that at a minimum, Continue reading

Finding a Junior Golf Tournament for Kids

Junior golf is on the rise in many parts of the country. I’ve observed an increase in the number of participants at events over the years. The increase in popularity means that more and more pros and courses are offering junior events and lessons.

You’ll likely find an event near you by Continue reading