Kids, the Golf Swing, and Power

Watching a child golfer, especially your child golfer, is wonderful … and I mean full of wonder.  This is true of most young athletes, I’m sure, as parents revel in their child’s talent.  I think golf is extra special in this way just because of how hard it is to play well.

One of the most impressive aspects of a child golfer with a good golf swing is the distance they can drive the golf ball.  It kinda’ reminds me of an ant that can carry many times its weight. Eight and nine year-olds longer than 200 yards Continue reading

Should Our 2 to 3 Year Old Have Golf Lessons?

Some of you may ask, “Should I get golf lessons from a golf pro for my three year old child?” Well, here’s a straight answer … yes, if your budget is not an issue, no, if budget is a concern at all.

We did not Continue reading