Welcome to The Child Golfer!


First, welcome!

Second, let me start by telling you this is not another blog all about junior golf instruction, raising a winning junior golfer, or the next Tiger Woods. This blog is about child golf for kids of all talent levels and parents of all types. I have seen a number of sites out there about junior golf equipment, instruction, and “success”, but I have not run across any help specifically for us parents, to teach us how to get started in child golf, and get into competitive kids golf.

Success will mean something different to different folks. Golf is a gift from you to your child and from your child to you. I also believe it is nearly impossible to predict what golf will become for any child as they grow into adults, but I can predict it is a gift they can enjoy forever. If through this site, you learn how to give the gift of golf to your child, and at the very least they become a golfer for life, and learn the sport, and enjoy the sport, then we will both have been successful. More than that is absolutely possible, and I believe you’ll set up a good chance for more here, but that will be icing on the cake far into the future!

You will find some good instruction on these pages, but it will be very practical for this age and from the perspective of a parent.

So, this blog is a forum to help you learn what to do as the parent of a child golfer. Most parents really don’t know what to do, especially when it comes to tournaments and such. Continue reading