Golf Clubs for Kids Older than 4 Years Old

We found shopping for golf clubs to be quite confusing at times. There is so much “information” out there but what felt like no answers. Some folks would be emphatic that using cut down clubs is a bad answer. Others would say to use as long a club as possible. We heard Continue reading

Snacks for Your Child Golfer During the Round

We learned after a couple of years of competitive kids golf that Continue reading

Help for Caddies — Be a Parent First

Help for Caddies! The true motivation for me to start this blog is to help caddies out there. Caddying for a child golfer can be challenging for a lot of parents. In my experience, kids need Continue reading

Getting Started — Child Golfers 4 Years Old and Up

The first step in getting your 4 years and older child started with golf is identifying their interest. Golf is one of those things that you either have it in your DNA or not. You talk to some folks and it’s the same for kids. Some will be interested Continue reading

Golf Scoring — Match Play

Match play scoring is different than stroke play.  In match play, the player who holes out with fewest strokes wins the hole.  It doesn’t really matter how many strokes, as long as it was fewer than their opponent, they won the hole.  By way of example, Continue reading

Golf Score — Stroke Play

Let’s go over how to score. There are a lot of rules in golf, so how to score could be a very large topic. I’ll break scoring down as simply as possible. You will have a nice introduction on how to score here so that at a minimum, Continue reading

Intro to Being a Daddy Caddy for Your Child Golfer

Golf is different from most other sports.  For most kids, their parents stay on the sidelines and there is a coach-to-kid ratio of perhaps one or two to twenty.  In golf, in most cases, there is Continue reading